Hilltop Country House Presents A Michelin Star Wedding Breakfast in Collaboration with Chef Paul Merrett

Featuring Chef Paul Merrett, this image showcases him in a serene outdoor setting, underscored by the vivid autumnal colors of the foliage. His pose, relaxed yet confident, and his direct gaze convey both his experience and approachability. Dressed in a classic white chef’s jacket, he stands as a symbol of culinary expertise and creativity. The backdrop, rich with the hues of fall, subtly hints at the natural, seasonal ingredients that likely inspire his dishes. This portrait not only highlights Chef Merrett’s professional stature but also his connection to the natural world, suggesting a cooking philosophy that values freshness, seasonality, and the beauty of the environment.

Although we are already an award-winning wedding venue with hundreds of fabulous reviews from happy guests, our mission to provide the best-in-class continues. As well as many upgrades to the property and facilities, we have now taken their culinary offering to the next level.

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of acclaimed chef Paul Merrett, who works alongside the kitchen team for wedding breakfast and event menus. Paul has twice been awarded a Michelin star. He currently owns two award-winning gastro pubs in Southwest London, is an accomplished author and has many TV appearances under his apron. Paul spends time with us at Hilltop developing menus, training the kitchen team, and working on weddings and events.

Paul and Head Chef Iain Winnard have focussed on all aspects of food delivery – sourcing the very best local suppliers, upgrading our crockery selection, modernising the menus, and maintaining outstanding delivery and service. Everything is produced in-house; we even grow our herbs in our kitchen garden and use the finest local ingredients.

We are delighted to share our new menus now!

Paul and Iain have carefully crafted and tested each item on the menus. The new menus consist of the Hilltop classic dishes that everybody loves, keeping in touch with their country house roots whilst adding a contemporary and modern twist. Whilst a traditional 3-course wedding breakfast remains the most popular, we have introduced sharing platters as an original way to start your meal, with food inspired by the Mediterranean, The Middle East and Great Britain. The same care and attention have been given to our canape selection and evening wood-fired pizzas cooked outdoors in the garden.

“I was approached by the team at Hilltop to visit and have a look at what they were doing and see if I could develop the menus and the team. Hilltop Country House is a beautiful venue set in fabulous grounds. I loved it immediately. The kitchen team were enthusiastic and keen to learn and improve, so really, it was an easy decision to get involved. Event cooking is great fun. Very different to my day-to-day restaurant life. It’s the ultimate day in 2 people’s lives, and we work hard to make sure the food matches the occasion.” – Paul Merrett. 

Our wine and cocktail menus have been expertly designed to pair perfectly with your chosen wedding breakfast menu. Our Bar Manager, Cameron Walker, works closely alongside his specialist wine suppliers. Whilst offering your favourite classic cocktails, we also now have a seasonal cocktail menu inspired by the Hilltop Garden and local ingredients.  

A beautiful venue, first-class service and excellent food and drink will make your day unforgettable. 

Get in touch with the Hilltop team to discuss your perfect wedding breakfast menu.