Dog-Friendly Weddings: The Year’s Hottest Trend

bride and groom with their dog at Hilltop Country House
Embrace Dog-Friendly Weddings at Hilltop

Your dog isn’t just your pet; they’re part of the family… they’re on the wedding guest list! So, when you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue, search ‘Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues’ or, better still, just ‘Hilltop Country House’.

Include Your Furry Best Friend in Your Wedding Day

Here at Hilltop, we welcome all guests, including furry and four-legged ones. We have held many weddings with animals, including dogs, lamas, and owls. We have our very own pets, Penny and Ruby, the cats, and the sheep and cows that live in our neighbouring fields.

Every part of Hilltop is dog-friendly. Whether they are roaming around the house, exploring the gardens or getting to know all of your guests in the marquee. We are also very happy that your dog will stay overnight in our rooms. We have plenty of space for them to walk around during the day and a quiet space in case they feel overwhelmed.

Capture Memorable Moments with Your Dog at Your Wedding

With our spectacular backdrops, your dog is the perfect companion for your wedding photos. You will cherish these pictures forever, and they will turn out adorable. You may choose to have your dog walk down the aisle and even dress it in your wedding colours and flowers. Flower crowns and bow ties are for dogs, too!

It is safe to say that your guests will love having your dog there. Dogs are great entertainment, allowing your guests to interact and play with your dog during your reception. Your dog will also love it! They will spend time with their favourite people in one place and be there on the day their parents get married. Even though all eyes are on you, your dog will steal some attention. Your dog will thrive in the exciting wedding environment and all the fun vibes.

A wedding is all about celebrating true love, so why would you not involve your beloved dog in your special day? The Hilltop team will ensure that your furry best friend is well-looked; we are all avid dog lovers. If you dream of having your dog with you at your wedding, that is precisely what we’ll do—make your dreams come true.

To start planning your dog-friendly wedding at Hilltop Country House, contact us today or visit our “Book a Visit” page to see us for yourself.