Rain on Your Wedding Day: A Chance to Create Magical Memories

Bride and groom with their dog, walking in the gardens of Hilltop Country House carrying a see-through umbrella.

Whatever time of year you choose to marry, you will still keep a beady eye on the weather forecast. At this point, we are professionals in monitoring the weather! As experienced wedding planners, the weather is the only thing we cannot control on your wedding day. So, if it does decide to rain, there is no need to fret; we will make the wet weather work in your favour. Our team and the venue are flexible to accommodate any weather.

Your Photos

When you see rain on your wedding day, you first think, ‘What about my wedding photos?!’. Couples book Hilltop for their wedding because of the stunning gardens and grounds and endless outdoor photo opportunities. Whilst the weather may be dull, Hilltop’s beautiful setting will still be just as breathtaking, so your backdrop for photos will remain. We have classy white umbrellas for you to take out and go on an adventure! An umbrella acts as a prop and adds something slightly different to the usual wedding photo. We also have green Hunter wellies you are most welcome to borrow to keep your feet dry. Get creative with your poses and make your photos really stand out!


Rainer days can bring darker skies and deeper greenery. It is a great combination for an atmospheric shot in the gardens. Hilltop is beautifully lit throughout the grounds and inside the venue. Darker skies allow our magical lighting to really stand out. Particularly creating a magnificent ambience for your first dance.

If you don’t fancy venturing out in the rain, we have plenty of stunning indoor backdrops. Our large windows bring in lots of natural light. The house adds character and charm, whilst the marquee gives all the white bridal feels for your indoor wedding photos. We can’t forget our Hilltop neon sign, the perfect fun-loving backdrop.

The Venue

We are rain-friendly!

As a wedding venue for all seasons, we adapt to whatever the weather throws at us. It may not always be cold when it rains, but if it is, our entire venue is centrally heated, even the marquee toilets! Our outdoor chillout area has three large umbrellas for those who want to take cover and make the most of the crisp, fresh air.

As for your civil ceremony, with two lovely indoor settings, you don’t need to worry. If the weather takes a turn, we simply move the chairs to your desired ceremony area. The same applies for the rest of your day; indoors, you can enjoy a cosy reception in Hilltop’s country house, and there is plenty of room in the marquee for guests to chat and mingle. There will always be a bar open wherever you may be.


The marquee’s large glass bifold windows and doors mean you can still admire the outdoor gardens while keeping warm and dry. As an intimate wedding venue, it is never too far to walk outdoors.

Is rain on your wedding day good luck?!

In many cultures, rain is considered as good luck on your wedding day. It is a sign that your marriage will be long-lasting. Once you’ve tied the knot, the knot will be stronger as the rope is wet!

Afterall, the weather forecast isn’t always correct, and you can’t have a rainbow without rain!

Wedding day tips – what to do when it rains:
  1. Waterproof your hair and makeup. Your make-up artist and hair stylist will have all the tips and tricks!
  2. Prepare indoor games and activities.
  3. Steal our white umbrellas and Hunter wellies. Alternatively, bring brightly coloured ones to add a fun element to your rainy wedding photos.
  4. If you notice the rain stops for a moment, grab your photographer and make the most of the outdoors. You won’t regret it.
  5. Allow us to keep an eye on the weather and plan your day accordingly. The chances are if you’re constantly looking at the forecast, you’ll stress yourself out! The planning process and day itself are stress-free at Hilltop!