The Hilltop Teams Best Moments of 2023!

This photograph showcases the dedicated team at Hilltop Country House, a Cheshire wedding venue, capturing a moment of unity and pride. Each member stands confidently, embodying the diverse roles that contribute to the venue's success. The backdrop, adorned with festive decorations and warm lighting, underscores the venue's charm and the team's readiness to host memorable events. Their collective presence in front of a Christmas tree, enveloped by the soft glow of fairy lights, not only conveys the venue's warmth and welcoming atmosphere but also reflects the meticulous attention to detail and the collaborative spirit that defines their service. This team portrait, set within the elegant confines of a decorated marquee, symbolizes the harmonious blend of professionalism and personal touch they bring to each event.

As we are now into the new year and after a well-deserved break over the festive period, the team at Hilltop Country House have had time to reflect on yet another fantastic, successful year. But before we get stuck back into all of our exciting 2024 weddings and events, which may be our busiest year yet, we have all had a little think about what our best moments of 2023 were and just how wonderful they were. 

Every wedding is just magical, and we are so grateful to be part of a couple’s most special day of their lives. Meeting so many lovely couples, their families, and friends, working alongside you all to create an unforgettable day. We are so thankful for all the incredible feedback and reviews we have received over the last year. 

With this being said, we have gathered the team’s best moments of 2023…

“As the Marketer at Hilltop, my favourite moment of 2023 has got to be creating the sunglasses trend video, which I posted on Instagram and TikTok. It was fun to get the entire team involved, strike their best poses, and capture this all in one video; our followers’ response was brilliant! I also have to say that another highlight for me was seeing our top lawn ceremonies come to life. We have envisioned ceremonies on the top lawn for a long time now, and they were just as stunning as we had imagined them. Our gardens are just the most beautiful setting to marry.”

“As a born foodie, I absolutely love being Hilltop’s Head Chef. Building a relationship with the couple with our love of food to deliver a delicious menu to complement their big day. Without a doubt, my best moment of 2023 is having the opportunity to work alongside accredited chef Paul Merrett. He is a man who has twice been awarded a Michelin star and owns two award-winning gastropubs in Southwest London. I was invited to his pubs to work on his events. I have admired Paul for many years; I remember watching him on Saturday Kitchen and Sunday Feast. I must say I am a little bit of a fanboy; I even asked him to sign his cookbooks for me! Our new menus are just incredible, and I cannot wait for all of our couples and their guests to try them.”

“Firstly, the best bit of 2023 for me was receiving the email to let me know that I had successfully got the job of Hilltop’s Bar Manager, a role I had always aspired to achieve from being a bartender here from the age of 18. I love looking after the bar, my brilliant team, and our lovely couples and their sometimes tipsy guests! This year’s specific highlight of my role has been creating my very own cocktail based on a bride’s special request. On this occasion, the bride was a ballet dancer and a huge fan of the Nutcracker, particularly the Sugar Plum Fairy. So, my challenge was to create a cocktail that represented exactly that. The outcome was a mouth-watering mix of light, fruity flavours with an elegant look. And that is where my Sugar Plum cocktail originated, which you’ll now find on our new autumn and winter cocktail menu.”

“Hitting my 10th anniversary at Hilltop has got to be my highlight, and it seems every year just gets better. In my ten years, I have gone from just a DJ, where I sometimes didn’t even know the names of the bride and groom, to the role I have today, where I am now on the journey of the brides and grooms from the very start, and that’s very enjoyable. But apart from this, my best moments are working with a great team at Hilltop. We’ve all got into a groove where everything comes together seamlessly on the day. In possibly the busiest year that I can remember in my ten years, with a few challenging back-to-back functions, it all ran so smoothly, and that’s down to everyone working so hard to produce that special day!”

“Apart from the fact that I get to be at the forefront of so many lovely couples’ special days, their kind words and appreciation on the morning after their wedding and in the reviews that are left are just so heart-warming. Receiving gorgeous postcards, wedding photos, and incredible reviews brings back memories from such a wonderful time of the wedding day itself and the entire planning process. Thank you so much, and remember there is always a welcome for you at Hilltop.”

Thank you to all of our couples, your families and friends for such a memorable year of weddings. We hope you come back to visit us soon. 

Lots of love the Hilltop Team.